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Comics Empower: Comics for the blind.

Comics Empower: The Comic Book Store for the Blind


If You Can Read This, You're in the Right Place!

If you can read this, that means you’re visually impaired or blind. A sighted person can’t see this website: It’s got black text and a black background, which makes this text invisible to the sighted, and a picture at the top that explains you can only navigate this site with assistive technology.

You’re in the right place.

Welcome to the comic book store for the blind or visually impaired.

We’ve got a comic book experience for you, from start to finish.



You've Walked Through Our Doors, Now Check Out What We Have for You!

Step 1: If you’re a first timer or if you've never seen a comic book before, check out The First Timer’s Ultimate Guide to Comic Books. The First Timer's Ultimate Guide to Comics walks you through the comic book experience: What it's like to buy and hold, what it looks like, and what all the terminology is!

The First Timer's Ultimate Guide to Comics is offered exclusively by Comics Empower! Download it here for free!


Step 2: Now that you know the terminology and are familiar with comics, why don't you read some? Our ever-growing store has got more than 50 comic books for you, and is growing every month with more issues and more titles! We’ve got fantasy, science fiction, drama, comedy, ghosts, pirates, and everything else! Check out the comics here.

Did we forget to mention? Just like in physical stores, you can browse a few pages for free. Every comic book has a few minutes of a free preview for you. Check it all out here


Step 3: Now that you've read some of the audio comics, you can join the conversation, with your friends, on- or off-line, and even on our podcast! In The Blind Panels Podcast we started a very special Conversation (‘Conversation with a capital ‘C’), where a sighted person who read the visual comic and a blind or VI person who listened to the audio comic both talk about the same comic book. It’s always a fascinating and honest conversation, about where the experience is different, about where the experience is the same, and about the comic books of course!

Here are the conversations we’ve had so far:

The Conversation #1: Aaron (a comic book critic) and Eric (a.k.a. The Blind Geek) talk about the comic book Wynter, issues 1, 2, and 3! Click here!

The Conversation #2: Holly (from Blind Motherhood Dot Com) and Tolu (from the Tao of Otaku podcast) talk about the fantasy graphic novel Lost in Dreams, Book 1! Click here!

The Conversation #3: Karama (a.k.a. The Blerd Gurl) and Pranav (winner of the writing competition for a blind or visually impaired comic book writer) talk about the comic book Aurora, issues 1 and 2! Click here!

If you want to join the conversation yourself, just write in and email us!.


But before you start, and if you haven’t yet, pick up the free First Timer’s Ultimate Guide to Comic Books.

And then check out the comics!

And don’t forget to check our Blind Panels podcast, the inclusive geek podcast!


Then you can start to have your own comic book experience!




We’ve recently had a writing competition, looking for a blind or visually impaired comic book writer – the first ever in history. After all, now that you can read comics, there’s no reason you can’t write comics!

The winner of the competition is now live! Check out Pranav Lal’s first issue of Bakasura!


Like We Said, You've Come to the Right Place!